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Feb 26
Installment Payments Now Available On Global Tribes

Now we are offering a new payment system that will make trip booking easier and…

Nov 08
Putting Global in Global Tribes: We have expanded to three more destinations…guess where.

In addition to Jordan and Kyrgyzstan, Global Tribes has expanded too….drumroll…

Sep 14
What Was Discovered in Kyrgyzstan with Ibn Hattuta

Our newest destination, Kyrgyzstan is not only the land of beautiful breathtaking…

Aug 17
We are exploring hidden gems in Kyrgyzstan with Ibn Hattuta

Kasem Hato or better known on social media as Ibn Hattuta is a content creator and…

Jul 28
We Have Expanded to Georgia and Kyrgyzstan

We are excited to announce that we have expanded and taken Global Tribes to Georgia…