What Was Discovered in Kyrgyzstan with Ibn Hattuta

Our newest destination, Kyrgyzstan is not only the land of beautiful breathtaking nature, but also an undiscovered gem for culture and history.

Kasem Hato or better known on social media as Ibn Hattuta crossed off another destination on his list by traveling to Kyrgyzstan to discover its cultural gems through our online traveling platform, Global Tribes. 

Who are Global Tribes?

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Why Kyrgyzstan? 

In July, we expanded to two new destinations, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan. The platform which already includes Jordan and Tunisia was marketed and designed for a European market, however, the focus on the Arab market extended to its two new destinations. 

Kyrgyzstan, located in Central Asia is home to some of the world’s most beautiful naturescapes and includes a lot of diversity in its culture, due to the land’s ethnography and history.

While visiting Kyrgyzstan, any city dweller will feel the immense relief of being able to step back and relish in its divine simplicity, but intricate traditions with many people still practicing a semi-nomadic life. 

We decided to test this new destination with General Manager, Sara Sammour and Product Development Lead/Videographer Abdurrahman Al-Masri. 

For Sammour, Kyrgyzstan is a destination that entered her heart and she is sure it will enter anyone visiting it as well. She said “Kyrgyzstan is full of beautiful simplicities, its people are always happy, laughing and you are forced to sit in the present and relax.” 

She continued by saying, “The variety in the culture and its diversity, keeps you enamored and intrigued about what is to learn next.”

When asked about 3 reasons that one should visit Kyrgyzstan, Sammour said the following:

  1. The traditional music and dancing 
  2. Kyrgyzstan’s horse culture and communication between its people 
  3. The people are so friendly and welcoming

For Al-Masri, Kyrgyzstan was an absolute haven for anyone who is a visual artist, with its vast landscapes, diversity of people and unique experiences. 

He said “Even though everywhere you visit is along the countryside, there is diversity and always new things to see in every place you visit, so no landscape resembles the other.” When asked about his perspective about a visual artist, he said “The country is culturally rich with a lot of things to do and when you’re behind the lens, you get to see nature and wild animals, untouched and grazing by.”

When asked about 3 reasons that one should visit Kyrgyzstan, Al-Masri said: 

  1. The horseriding and hikes because there is a lot to discover 
  2. Culture, rich culture
  3. Nature, nature, nature: everywhere you visit, the nature varies 

For Ibn Hattuta, when asked about why book with us, he said: 

“I loved that the company doesn’t rely on third party advisors to know about the countries to organize trips, rather they [Global Tribes] go by themselves to check the activities and itineraries to make sure it’s a trip they love before sending other people.” Moreover, he said “They try their best to choose unique destinations and itineraries.”

Kasem Hato

Furthermore, when asked about what he loved about Kyrgyzstan, Hattuta highlighted “I was happy that I got to learn about the culture of Kyrgyz people, tried their food, saw where they had fun and more.”

For activities, Hattuta imparted, “My favorite activity was the Buzkashi match, an old nomad game still practiced in Kyrgyzstan…I am happy I had the chance to watch it live! Also the demonstration of eagle hunting was very interesting.”

From building a Yurt to discovering the fairytale picturesque backdrops through horse and cooking traditional Kyrgyzstan delights, Global Tribes is ready to welcome every traveler in Kyrgyzstan. 

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