Installment Payments Now Available On Global Tribes

Now we are offering a new payment system that will make trip booking easier and better. You can now book your trip with our new installment system. And it’s easy and with no extra cost or commissions.

The installment payments system is based on two main factors, the first one is:

Internal Installment System:

Let’s say that you booked a trip in December, and now it’s March. This means there are 9 months till your trip date, if you want to pay with our installment system you can put 50% of the trip cost in advance the other 50% can be paid on monthly fees. On the following terms:

  • You have to complete all the payments 30 days prior to the trip date.
  • If you cancel your trip, the first payment which is 50% is not refundable, please read our terms and conditions for more details.

Banks Collaboration:

We have partnered with Bank Al Etihad and Arab Bank to make it even easier way, you can contact the previous bank for activating this feature on your Credit Card and contact us, if you are a customer of any of the refereed banks, just give them a call.