COVID Response

Since 2020, The world has changed dramatically, and as much as we want to go back to our normal lives before the pandemic. We are asking our local hosts what they will be provided in order to lower the risk of infection and provide a safe experience for the travelers and agents.

Why do we do this?

We are trying to create an environment during the experience where everyone has the ability to participate. Some people might be at greater risk due to the pandemic and they need to make sure that the experience would be safe for them.

Should you care?

While we are trying to provide the experiences and connect them with the aspects of travelers. We let the COVID respond to the local Leads. Some of our local leads and hosts require only facial masks and he/she can provide them, others require a negative PCR test. 

We are demanding for the experience to be safe and accessible for everyone. So, hopefully, we are not breaking anyone’s desire to travel but applying safe measurements is due to lower the risk factor from the pandemic.

Is this legal?

In the first place, yes. A lot of the countries including the ones we are operating in have legal measurements for stopping the COVID-19 and its variant from spreading. And the easier these measurements are the easier for the travelers to book and create experiences globally.

Yes, they are changing all the time. And we are updating to any new legislation that might occurs.

Not for all the packages, if the traveler must bring his mask and gloves or even hand sanitizer with them. We will inform them in the “What to bring” section

We are in this together

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