About Us

What is Global Tribes?

Global Tribes is an online traveling platform that offers well-planned and designed itineraries that are easily bookable and accessible for travelers and traveling agencies, our trips are operated by our local/inbound partners.

We work with our partners around the world to seek new destinations, undiscovered experiences and provide the opportunity for adventure seekers to enjoy itineraries that are both culturally unique and fun.

We welcome you to explore the best out of traveling with us!

Global Tribes, Your Regular Travel Companion.

New Way For Booking Trips

Our platform offers more flexibility while booking your trips, you can add the activities you like while traveling, choose the accommodation type and choose how do you prefer your room easily.

Travel With The People You Love

While we thrive to create fun and unique itineraries, we also provide unique travelers, book your next trip with your favourite influencer and enjoy the best experiences while accompanying people you love.

The Best For Traveling Agencies

Our platform offer better collaboration for traveling agencies, you can easily sign-up for our partners program and once approved you can find all of our packages with marketing materials you need for it.

Our Team